Chris Fletcher endorsement of JT for Mayor

Chris Fletcher is former Auckland City Mayor, a former National Government Minister and a current Councillor for the Albert Eden Roskill ward. She is playing a key role in John Tamihere’s Mayoral campaign.

When councillors are being told what to do by council staff like they call the shots, we have a problem.

When your Mayor appears more interested in pleasing his mates in Wellington than looking after ratepayers’ interests, then there is a problem.

When you have a Mayor delegating everything behind closed doors to a small team of insiders, and the big issues are neglected, you know we have a problem.

When councillors are so bogged down in day-to-day meetings, they have no time to go out and meet the citizens they work for, you’ve got a problem.

I want council to work. We all want it to work.

But that’s not going to happen until the right person is leading it.

Auckland needs a leader who understands what Aucklanders want and need, and who has the spine and the real world experience to get it for them.

The man I endorse has been a negotiator, a strong, determined and effective advocate, a Member of Parliament who was able to work with people right across the house, and a highly capable cabinet minister.

He has a keen legal mind and an even keener sense of justice.

He has successfully delivered a strong balance sheet that has enabled Te Whānau o Waipareira Trust to be a local, national and internationally recognised whānau which has consistently delivered a complete range of services to people in need over many years.

In that time the Trust’s balance sheet has grown by 90% and with all the services it offers its people, it is a perfect demonstration of what strong capable leadership can deliver.

That kind of leadership is what this city is crying out for.

This city needs a strong leader who will sort things out.

This city needs a leader who knows how to get the best out of people and unite them.

This city needs a man who has committed his life to helping people.

This city needs John Tamihere. 

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