Auckland businesses will be given priority for council contracts. (18/09).

"The biggest change of emphasis and requirement under a Tamihere mayoralty will be a stronger application to the law in regard to purchasing from Auckland and New Zealand domiciled companies." (18/09)


Goff's CCO Appointments Only Temporary:

 “Mr Goff knows that in the heat of an election campaign, all of these appointments should be placed in limbo. This is a breach on a consitutional convention" - all CCO Boards and Directors will be reviewed under a Tamihere mayoralty. (14/09).


Waste & Energy:

"A rational policy on waste that increases service to consumers while providing effective protection for our environment." (4/09).

"Tamihere will bring back free inorganic rubbish collections." (4/09).


Panuku Tribunal:


John's Human Rights Review Tribunal against Panuku.


Rates & Rent Freeze:

"My biggest policy announcement and clearest leadership differentiation from Phil Goff: three years relief for ratepayers...and renters." (26/08).

"John Tamihere plans rates freeze...and rent freeze." (26/08).

Pacific Cultural Centre:

John Tamihere commits to a Pacific Cultural Centre honouring the contribution of the Pasefika population in Auckland. (23/08).

Pacific Cultural Centre feasibility study - report.

Road, Rail & Bridge: 

"Road, Rail & Bridge Plan: A bold plan to get Auckland moving." (21/08).

"Tamihere will dump 'Goff Gas Tax' as part of a major transport 'shake-up.'" (21/08). 

Homelessness & Begging:

"House the Homeless and Ban the Beggar - with Compassion." (11/08).

"Tamihere's policy to fix homelessness and begging." (11/08). 

Auckland's Berms:

"Goff joins Auckland Transport's war on cars." (04/07).

Partial release of Watercare equity - Clean Up Auckland Beaches Now:

"Watercare will NOT be privatised."

"Clean up beaches now - not in 20 years time." (02/07).

"Fire sale" of Civic Administration Building in Aotea Square:

"Stop Panuku 'fire sale.'" (30/05).


Goff's Big Budget Blowout:

Ports of Auckland:

Parks/Open Spaces Official Policy Letters:

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